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Timing Equipment Purchase & Rental

RTS is the European distributor for RFID Timing Systems of Australia offering sales, training, support and maintenance services around these systems.

Our timing systems are modular allowing for the timing of all manner of race types from the simple finish line of a road runing race to the more complex requirements of multi-disclipline events such as Triathlon and Duathlon.


All components can be purchased seperately or as part of a package. System components include:

  • Control box - these come in two main flavours, high and low density. At least one control box is required;
  • Timing mats - to match the control boxes these come in both high and low density models as well as a range of finish specifications including soft rubber mats (pictured) robust heavy duty mats (suitable for road cycling or similar more demanding environments) as well as rollup mats that have a similar appearance to rugs or carpets. Minimum two mats are required;
  • Network cables;
  • Laptop or other suitable computer to run the timing software;
  • Timing software - we recommend Racetec;
  • Timing chips. Carried by each competitor the timing chip is activated upon entering the magnetic field generated by the timing mat. Once activated it's unique identity identifies the compeititor to the control box and subsequently the timing software;
  • Timing straps to attach timing chips to competitors.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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