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About Race Timing Systems

Race Timing Systems Ltd has been incorporated into Black Sheep Sports Ltd. All business operations, equipment, staff and operating principles have been transferred wholesale to this enterprise. Race Timing Systems provides the following services:

  • Digital Chip Timing
  • Timing equipment rental
  • Timing equipment sales.

Race timing systems was started only in 2006 by one our current directors, Kevin Farmer. We sourced and brought in this exciting new product from Australia and we slowly developed the product to what we have now. In its first year RTS timed around 18 races, a year later 230 races, in 2008 RTS will time over 2000 races. During the quieter winter months we have been heavily investing in more systems and training up teams to cover events all around the country.

We have succeded in securing some high profile races, see us out there at the races throughout the UK and come and have a chat.