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RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and has been available to industry for over ten years. Using a low frequency (134 kHz), small transponders can be energised to release a precoded signal to a receiving antenna. This signal is interpreted by a control module and converted to a 20 digit code. This unique code identifies the transponder as well as whatever is attached to the transponder.

We use Texas Instruments (TIRIS) RFID modules and transponders in the systems we develop for sports timing. These components have a proven track record and are used extensively in other sports timing systems around the globe. All IAAF events use the TIRIS system to time the major marathons and fun-runs of the world. The 134kHz frequency transponders are particularly well suited to sports timing since their read range is very good (up to 1.5 metres above the mats) and the antennas are well focussed so that accurate times can be recorded to within 0.1 seconds resolution.

The number of competitors able to be timed at any point is determined by the size and number of antennas in the antenna mat. Our systems are designed to be small, robust and comparatively low cost compared to the timing systems used in many world class sporting events. Transponders will last indefinetely giving many years of service. The TIRIS components have almost remained unchanged since their introduction in 1994 which demonstrates the longevity of the TIRIS system