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Cardiac Arrest & Double Bypass 23-Mar-2008 Race report

Snow at Easter? The weather was about as mad as our 150+ competitors. These braves souls showed up, stripped down to just four layers of lycra running gear each and set out on what started out as a very cold snowy winter run and ended as a very cold muddy winter run. After about 30 minutes of racing the weather broke a little and the snow melted into mud. I can't say the water got warmer but it didn't deter anyone one little bit. The two lappers running the inaugural 16 mile Double Bypass didn't have to go through the water until there last lap - no one likes people floating face down in the water - but on lap two they dove in just as keenly as the Cardiac competitors did.

By the end the rest of the course, including the finish area, turned into a mud bath. The photos will tell the tale no doubt. These will be available from Infinite Images shortly.

Well done everyone for setting out on this grim day, weather wise, and lapping up everything we threw at you and making it another special event. Thanks to all our brave volunteers who helped and encouraged with motivation and of course plenty of hot food.

Please watch this space for information about the new "Cardiac Arrest Goes West". The Cardiac Arrest format is being taken west by our new Black Sheep Sports team members in the Forest of Dean. This will be another highly non-standard 8-10 mile XC taking in horse jumps, streams, woodland scambling and THE MAJOR - 300 metres of hill straight up through the forest that guarantees to seperate the heros from the, er, not so heroic - there's also an optional 1 metre diameter tunnel.

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