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About Tri Coaching UK

Our coaches work in the fitness and coaching industry with clients who just want to get fit, or those who have specific objectives. They are currently giving private training to athletes as well as working with people through my fitness centre. The advantage of working in this way is that they are competing as triathletes on a regular basis, so can give relevant advice based on their own training and experience. Equally, being humans and having at some point probably had the same training or racing problem that you have!

Our coaches work with any level of ability and welcome requests for help from people of all sporting or even non-sporting backgrounds. The key is simply to help people achieve to the best of their individual ability, and above all to enjoy their sport.

"I believe to succeed you must first enjoy.

If you do not enjoy what you are doing - do something different.

Some things are hard in life - that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them!" Trevour Kingdon