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Black Sheep Sports Overview

Black Sheep Sports Ltd is a new venture which seeks to combine the complimentary business operations of Race Timing Systems, Heartbeat Events, Tri Coaching UK and the Nemesis Results service. Under the name Black Sheep Sports:

  • Race Timing Systems will be operated as a brand
  • Tri Coaching UK will be operated as a brand
  • The event businesses of Heartbeat Events and Tri Coaching UK (including the Big Woody) will be operated as Black Sheep Sports Events.


Race Timing Systems logo Race Timing Systems will operate as before as a brand under the Black Sheep Sports umbrella. Any enquiries for timing services and other Race Timing Systems business should be made through this website.
Similarly Tri Coaching UK coaching services will also operate as a brand under the Black Sheep Sports banner however all events will now be controlled directly by Black Sheep Sports Events our event management division.  All services will be available as before and all contact information and news will be published through this website.
Heartbeat events will cease to exist. All events previously owned and managed by this company will now be controlled by Black Sheep Sports. News, information, results and contact details for these events will be available through this website. Rest assured these changes will only enhance the quality of our events.  
Triathlon Nemesis This results service has been acting as the informal results engine for Heartbeat Events and Race Timing Systems it will now be incorporated fully into this website to become the results engine of choice. This will now be referred to as the Nemesis results engine. All enquiries regarding results production, management, content and hosting should be made through this website.